Pests and rodents

9085908153_2dd69d0001_kPests and rodents can harm your property – house or business – and your health, too. It is therefore important to fully understand the various ways to get rid of them, for example, to use carpenter bee traps or something else. Pest infestations if not nipped in the bud can grow to an uncontrollable level. Some of the kind of pests that need immediate removal include, but not limited to, termites, cockroaches, rodents, bees and ants. It is also unsettling to think that anyone is sharing their properties with these pests, so the removal is essential.


Many children and adults alike are allergic to cockroaches. Cockroach allergens can cause debilitating diseases as well, such as lung problem, asthma, skin rashes and eye irritation. These allergens originate from the saliva of cockroaches, droppings as well as their decomposed bodies. Cockroaches also carry bacteria like salmonella, so by removing this pest you are protecting food, equipment and other surfaces in your property.


Rodents like mouse and rats should be prevented from entering your property at all cost. Rodents carry a wide range of diseases known to human-kind and some of those diseases are not curable in general sense. Rodents once inside a building will cause all types of destruction including food contamination. Rodents also serve as vectors, carrying many types of bacteria such as salmonella on their bodies and pass it on to other rodents and eventually to humans. Professionals at pest control offer expertise and knowledge to protect your health by getting rid of these pests and infestation.


Another kind of pest that is more commonly found in homes and 1024px-Anopheles_albimanus_mosquitodwellings surrounded by unclean environment is mosquito. Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance to anyone but carry virus such as West Nile Virus, Chikungunya, Dengue and Zika. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), many of these viruses are known to appear across the United States from other countries and these mosquitoes tend to grow where there are dirty swamps and water bodies. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate standing water if one comes across it. This will prevent mosquitoes from breeding and spreading the virus from person to person.


Ticks that cause Lyme disease is another health concern for a growing number of population. Lyme disease has become a major health risk in the recent years as well. This disease transmitted to humans by ticks are mainly found in upper mid-western states of the US. So if you are in wooded areas, these Lyme disease causing ticks are easy to spot. The symptoms of the disease is much more easier to recognize than that – flu, extreme fatigue and rash around the bite.